I call it sitting when I talk about it with others.  That’s what it is:  I have a designated chair (although now I find any chair will do).  I check my clothes, my collar, my pockets (must [...]


Full moon is passed and we are on our way to my moon then a new moon.  Time to re-calibrate.  And Whew is all I can say. Rough few days of meaning – or meaninglessness:  take your pick.  It [...]


I woke  up this morning to one of those dreams where I could do nothing right.  Ever have one of those?   Send in the guilt! I was teaching and it was time to give out final grades.  The students [...]

Today I conquer

I conquer hunger and win the loss of two pounds. I conquer lassitude and egotistical trainers and win over Word Press I conquer cheap college pay and win back my free time (quit a class for a [...]

Cringing at Jupiter

I am hating the template Jupiter, but I anticipate overcoming that hatred.  I want to re-do the training for Jupiter.  It lacks an overview at every step.  If I were to do it, I would break it [...]