Hi! It’s the obligatory Happy New Year post.  Psychics giving their predictions on “Coast to Coast.”  Everyone at a Hollywood party assumes that no one in the r2016oom would vote for Trump.  Jokes about him are uncensored, exaggerations delivered as truths.  The fear of him in Yuge.

Four more years to 2020.  Vision?  Does any politician have an exciting vision of what could be?

The hotel in Dubai burned – but did it?  It started with one curtain, one room.  In Dubai hotels, the curtains are on the outside.    Then the whole hotel went up in flame while the nearby fireworks kept going.  Exterior curtains are to protect from heat and the sand storms.  Inside out.  The whole world is inside out.  From the classy travel agent at the NYE party I attended, I learned that the richest women from Saudi Arabia go shopping in Europe three times a year.  In Paris they rent two floors of the George V; the men stay on the fifth floor, and the women stay on the fourth floor.  The women go out shopping every day to buy designer clothing to bring them back to Saudi Arabia to wear them for each other.  For the men they wear the burqa.  The good stuff is underneath.

More upside down:  Students tell teachers what to teach.

Inside out:  People don’t distinguish between God and religion.  They condemn religion and ignore that this condemnation does not touch God.  God is not religion.  God is God.

May we get smarter in 2016, please?

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