See the Stars

The NYT headlines that five planets will be “aligned” for the next month in our pre-dawn sky.  It is more accurate to say that the five will be in a visible spread for a month — [...]

Modern Times

If this were the work of an entire lifetime – the culmination of decades of research – I could understand how one man could do it. But this is just one of his many books. I cannot [...]

Red Notice

Do not be daunted by too much high finance. You do not have to become a hedge fund operator to understand. You can let your eyeball kind of skim the surface of certain pages. You have to get [...]

13 Hours

At the moment when the men defied their superior’s order, I burst and I mean burst into tears.  For I don’t know how long – maybe 15, 20 minutes – I could not stop [...]

Alcohol, oh alcohol

Alcohol, oh alcohol We humans bow to thee The spirits in the alcohol Help get us to be free. Karl Jung in his old wizardry Told us all so long ago That alcohol helps make us high And aids our [...]

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