Teaching art

You can teach rules of structure, but you cannot teach the pilot light.  The pilot light is in each being.  The teacher can BE a pilot light and that light can illuminate the dispensing of the [...]

Million Dollar Baby

 Love me?  Kill me. This is the story of a girl wants to get love and has not been able to from her white trash family and a man wants to provide and has not been able to since his daughter long [...]

8 Mile

My White Ass Your black one.  Our red blood.  So many artists are screaming at us.  God is screaming.  Trees are yelling.  The sky has almost given up on us. The great artist eminem, who chose to [...]


Hi! It’s the obligatory Happy New Year post.  Psychics giving their predictions on “Coast to Coast.”  Everyone at a Hollywood party assumes that no one in the room would vote [...]

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