Sonnet about a Sonnet

I could write a sonnet If I were so inclined About you Easter Bonnet And other things we left behind But if we linger all too much On that which used to be We forget that the young kids Also live [...]

Yellow Sonnet

Yellow is just all too bright For those not big on thinking It unlocks corners with a light Where indistinction has been lurking Attention, details, stand up straight Yellow will bring clarity Be [...]

Green Sonnet

Green is everywhere:  Almost everything is green. Of itself, it shares At all points and in between It is cool but it can shine It also can be muted. Daily I on it dine Modest, its ego horn [...]

Red Sonnet

Red has no trouble to be The favorite of people many It needs not wonder if we it see and it knows it perks up our antennae. Red stands for passion, love, and it’s hotIt poo poo’s caution, calm, [...]

Pink: The Sonnet

Pink is silly but it’s right To live on cheeks and knees Pink is just a red that’s light Of all the colors, it makes you sneeze. Pink’s given freely to the girls It’s a color little boys abhor [...]

Jasmine Sonnet

Jasmine passes to the soul Direct, without a word. It opens up the part to whole An unasked question, heard. This year the jasmine is so bold It is here and over there. The rain, more rain, and [...]


I have had an Instant Pot for over two years–used it maybe a dozen times, maybe more. I avoided making yoghurt, but it has been on my mind for 6 months. Yesterday, I did it. It’s so [...]


In a group session, we were instructed to turn to a partner and to say what “ego” is.  I let my young partner go first and she struggled with how to define ego.  I said “No. Ego is who [...]

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