Meditation by Soren

Allow Soren to take you on an 11 minute journey to relax. CLICK the Play arrow above.Meditation text:

I found … I

I hear about Joe Rogan’s TeslaI learn that Elon Musk has a new babyAnd I have neither oneBut recently I found GodAnd to remember this shows me how things workFinding God means finding loveGod [...]

Walking 3

This gets you to over 50% of this essay, so we are approaching the part that sent me into ecstasy.

Walking 1

Henry David Thoreau’s short book on Walking is stupendous, so I decided to read it twice. This time I am taping it. It will take about 10 of these.

Day 14 Faith

A morning comesAnd I work a bit to remember the name of the day…It’s Monday (!) and I walk into the kitchenSaying Good Morning to God on the way.The vitamins and coffee and dog waitTo begin their [...]

Day 14. Why?

In your life, if and when you look back at this isolation time, what did you gain and why did … (may I call God God?) … why did God do this to us? A week ago, someone on FB posted a [...]

Day #13? Eating through it

I was lucky, I guess, because I had a couple of health scares that kick started me into weight loss since Christmas Eve 2019. I think you have to flip a MENTAL switch before you can change your [...]

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