Day 14 Faith

A morning comesAnd I work a bit to remember the name of the day…It’s Monday (!) and I walk into the kitchenSaying Good Morning to God on the way.The vitamins and coffee and dog waitTo begin their [...]

Day 14. Why?

In your life, if and when you look back at this isolation time, what did you gain and why did … (may I call God God?) … why did God do this to us? A week ago, someone on FB posted a [...]

Day #13? Eating through it

I was lucky, I guess, because I had a couple of health scares that kick started me into weight loss since Christmas Eve 2019. I think you have to flip a MENTAL switch before you can change your [...]

Isolation #8 Tuesday

Ha! I thought in my self-isolation-leisure that I’d write a daily blog. Here it is, days later, and this is #3. There are so many things to do in self-isolation. I’ll mention a few of [...]

Isolation 2 Tuesday

First classroom session with Zoom with my nyfa students. They were great. I allowed 30 min to talk about the situation and get oriented to Zoom. I was pleased to find these Millennials very [...]

Isolation 1 Monday

This is my first week in self isolation. Saturday I went out to two stores and I failed to wear my mask or find an egg. W castigated me for the absence of mask. He’s been wearing his mask [...]