The MOON can be so hard to figure out – just like the emotions and reflections it symbolizes.  So maybe a little grammar can help.  Let’s look at the moon as a VERB, as a NOUN, and with its ADJECTIVES.

First, the moon  rotates around the earth, so it’s moving; let’s call that its VERB like nature.  As it moves, it seemingly tricks us, for when we see just the right half of it, it’s on the left side of the earth and when we see just the left half of it, it’s on the right side of the earth.  Ok, so that’s clear.

Second, each day or night we see the moon seemingly cross our sky from left to right or from East to West.  That is not due to its movement; it is to do with the earth’s rotation.  So let’s call that the moon being a NOUN.moon phases

Finally, the moon passes through each astrological sign in about 2.4 days, and each astrological sign is like an ADJECTIVE to the moon.  For example a Virgo moon might be highly articulate and discriminatory about … the indefinable; an Aries moon might be assertive about its emotional right-to-be; a Taurus moon is comfortable, at home; a Leo moon prances.

Notice how the publisher of this image above put “not to scale.”  Yes!  Helpful.

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