Isolation 2 Tuesday

First classroom session with Zoom with my nyfa students. They were great. I allowed 30 min to talk about the situation and get oriented to Zoom. I was pleased to find these Millennials very content to stay at home: they could sleep in, didn’t have to get dressed, could organize their lives and get work done. Plus, they were all facile with the computer. The 2 hour 45 min lesson I had planned for them worked like a charm. The topic in today’s World Religion class was Daoism, and I felt like the essence of it never got across better than with Zoom. Well this was aided and abetted by a fortunate “turn” by the wonderful “Nacho” who brought in the two rituals for today.

One of Nacho’s pieces of advice was from feng shui he found. It started with one’s door, so I will relate that here. Your entrance door should be open, free, clear, clean, and lit. The door should open 90 degrees, so eliminate things that impede that. Make it welcoming and beautiful, from inside and out. Clean it. Well, the interior of my front door had fallen into disarray with the preparation for isolation. So I turned on some Zen music, got out some rubber gloves, got down on my knees, and sprayed the bottoms of the various shoes lined up there. I have a routine of no street shoes (maybe with virus on them) get in the house without spraying. Well spraying uses up a lot of precious alcohol, so I simple turn them upside down and don’t wear them again for 12 hours or more. The virus lives on surfaces for 12 hours. I also put a waste receptive for the envelopes of the mail that comes through the slot after I let it sit there for 12 hours. I changed a nearby surface better to light the door and installed a nice big plastic box with isolation needs: gloves, scissors, sprays, and so forth. Cookie’s outdoor box got all straightened up.

Each time I see it I feel good. That’s the way.

Later I started my meditation tapes. More on that another day.

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