Isolation #8 Tuesday

Ha! I thought in my self-isolation-leisure that I’d write a daily blog. Here it is, days later, and this is #3. There are so many things to do in self-isolation. I’ll mention a few of mine.

I am reading more. For my bookclub with my neighbor, this month we are reading Frederick Douglass’ memoirs of when he was a slave and then when he was freed. It is a wonderful read: what a writer! Some reviews act like it is dated and has “19th century” writing, but I don’t find it dated at all. We all may have read it in high school or college, but what a great re-read. Plus, it’s free to download – or maybe $1 or so – on your Kindle or Kindle app.

Next, I am tackling one “zone” of my house at a time. One day a good two weeks ago when I had a refrigerator scare, I had to unpack everything and then put it back. What a joy to have a re-organized frig. Did the freezer too.

Then a student in my World Religion class led us all on the Daoism week in a bit of feng shui. He exlained how important is our front door. My own front door was falling into disarray due to the self isolation. Following my student’s direction, I cleaned the door, made sure it opens 90 degrees, WD-40’d the hinges, and organized everything for this time: supplies, shoe clinics, house shoe and slipper zone , scissors, sprays, doggie paw wipes — everything I need to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Other parts of my house to follow. I attacked a couple of them lightly, but they need their day for complete transformation.

Finally, I was moved almost to tears to read my students’ journals about “finding the chi” or “following the wu wei” after our Daoism session. They each found that APPLYING the principles we learn each week ease their lives, lift their depression, and lighten their souls. Resistance: no. Go with the Chi: yes.

Oh – another thing. I am eating less. In appreciation of all we have, I am easily able to reduce portions and to eat little tiny “meals” throughout the day. I also drink a TON of water – so this is good, too.

What positive things have you stacked up to add to your routines?

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