Wendell would pull the concept of “adjustment” out when coaxing us to understand and embody great acting.  Ears would perk up.  Maybe an adjustment to adjustments would be our key to jumping to the other side and becoming great actors.  Everyone wanted to be a great actor.  We accepted our God given genetic makeup:  we were tall, short, old, young, large, small, fair, interesting, or plain.  Those were the characteristics with which we wanted to work: ourselves.  And we knew somewhere inside us that all those characteristics were not yet serving the great purpose of stage acting.  Maybe an adjustment would be the final tick of understanding that would allow all else to fall into place like tumblers inside a lock.

How do we adjust to terrorism in California.  First thing we all do, unconsciously and without effort or choice, is to experience our tumblers when we hear the city name:  Bakersfield.  How far away is it?  If you live in Eureka, then Bakersfield, while not Israel, is pretty far away.  If you live in Los Angeles, you might work with people who live there.  So there’s that.  Then too there are the stories of the couple, how they married, how they left off their son at Granny’s house, how they strapped on cameras.  This story becomes another notch in one’s adjustment to others.  As well there is the story about the neighbor who sensed something was amiss at the house into which the couple had just moved but who did not report it for fear of being labeled … a Republican.

And we have the widening of the gap between “sides” in the not-so-united state of the union.  They you walk around and deal with your adjustment.  An adjustment is like on an old TV set, fine tuning the image upon which you gaze.

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