All Grown Up

vacuumI love my new vacuum
I love it so
It cleans up high
And down below.
I thought that I did not care a bit
About the grime, about the grit.
But when I plugged it in and found
It got stuff that was on my ground

I became a convert, true.
I became a lady who –
Like Joan Crawford – will henceforth
Clean and scrub for all it’s worth.

A hippy was I, proud, and how!
I even liked ‘ole Chairman Mao.
I dropped the pinks
Picked up the blues –
I wore long skirts
and forsook shoes –
I didn’t care if I lived with dust
And often mistook love for lust.

But now I am a bourgeoisie.
Animal rights are not for me.
I’ll take my upright profession Shark
And kill dust bunnies in the dark.
Beneath my bed those bunnies did roam
But no more will they call it home.

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