Astrological Types

Ok, ok.  OK!  I know it is not cool to ask your sign.  Still, I always want to know. Here’s a quiz; try to guess: match the signs to their descriptions.



  • Aires            Cardinal       FIRE
  • Taurus         Fixed            EARTH
  • Gemini        Mutable        AIR

  • Cancer         Cardinal       WATER
  • Leo               Fixed             FIRE
  • Virgo            Mutable        EARTH

  • Libra            Cardinal        AIR
  • Scorpio        Fixed              WATER
  • Sagittarius  Mutable          FIRE

  • Capricorn    Cardinal        EARTH
  • Aquarius      Fixed              AIR
  • Pisces           Mutable         WATER

Cardinal:  you’ve got a plan and you absolutely set about enacting in.  In the middle, the whole thing appears different to you.  You re-cast the tactics and turn in a new direction.

Fixed:  you’ve got an idea and you go with it, and you stick with it, and you defend it, and that’s the way the world is, and you may even re-create the world so that it is the way the world is.

Mutable:  plan?  what plan?  look at this.  Oh!  Look over there.  My, that’s nice.  And this – look how nice this is.

Write 1-12 on a piece of paper.  Answer the following clues with one of the 12 signs to the left.

  1. Cannot tell much about this sign – hidden – in the depths.
  2. I’m out there among the stars.  Whoa!
  3. Hey!  Hello world!  Here I am.  This is me!  Weeee!  This is what you get.
  4. You’ll never catch me.
  5. I am so, so light.  Ha you think you can figure it out?  No one can!
  6. So you think I am mellow and nice ha!  I insist upon balance.
  7. Oh you misunderstand!  I am here to serve.
  8. Everything’s just nice right here, right now.
  9. I can’t help it.  Look at me!  I twirl, I prance, I spin.
  10. I am so into it.  I am just way into it.
  11. Awwww.
  12. Hey.

OK – how did you do?  Answers below.

Relationship Dynamics:  How does it work to mix air, earth, fire, water.  The combinations:

  1. sensual! but can turn to mud
  2. can increase the intensity! but it might extinguish
  3. normal?  is this interesting?  could create dust
  4. are you ready for a burn and regrowth?   good if you can endure
  5. need a cool down?  ok, but to be extinguished?
  6. wow – you’re really different.  how nice.  Will I still be here after a while?


  1. water and earth
  2. air and fire
  3. earth and air
  4. fire and earth
  5. water and fire
  6. water and air

Think of it:  Air, Earth, Fire, Water.  If you are Fire, you want to hang out with Water?  Maybe you are the Water one and you want to sizzle.  Or maybe you are the Fire and you could use some cooling–but watch out or you might disappear. Water and Earth:  nice, sensual–but of course it could create mud.  Fire and Air: that’s certainly good for the fire, and fire likes to burn.  Oops, however, if the air blows it out. If the Air is too cold, a little Fire can be nice.  Air and Earth?  Now there’s one I do not understand.  Dust?

How did you do on the above 12 questions?
Here are the answers

  1. Scorpion
  2. Sagg
  3. Aries
  4. Gemini
  5. Aquarian
  6. Libran
  7. Virgo
  8. Moon Baby
  9. Leo
  10. Cap
  11. Pisces
  12. Taurus

Opposites attract immediately – but then cannot reach each other for there are no straight lines in the universe.  Everything curves.

  1. Virgo and Pisces – too precise with too much feeling
  2. Libra and Aries – Aries have to be seen as they are, they cannot always be in balance
  3. Scorpio and Taurus – well, just no, plain old no
  4. Sagg and Gemini – the archer moves in one straight line, yes, that’s one, Gemini, not two
  5. Capricorn and Cancer – so much practicality:  can it join with so much nurture
  6. Acquarian and Leo –  oh this must be such an immediate attraction but then can the Leo begin to see the amazing air?

Squares?  watch out.  Again, there are no straight lines in the universe, so it can be hard to reach each other and appreciate.

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