Beyond the Postmodern Mind

This is a book by Huston Smith.  This is my review on Amazon

Huston is on God’s side, but even if you are not – if you dare – a thorough reading of this book is as good a trek, as rigorous a workout, as fine a bout of physicality as you can give to your brain and your spirit and the “spot” between them that gestates and moves.
I love this book. This is the book I wish I had written. In a sense, this is the book we all write, for even if we come down on the other side (the not-God side), this battlefield, this place, this crevice, this crystal, this light is that on which we all dance.
And – as if that were not enough – Huston also is a master chef of sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and re-delivery of essays and speeches that came before. Packaged here, the reader gets to ride on centuries of man’s efforts to understand and get somewhere in Mind and also in the decades that shaped this one man’s epic journey to the end – which remains the beginning.
As for the title of this Amazon review (“Weep, Cry Out, Laugh”), yes, those events took place in this reader.
As for “the side”, his side being God’s side – what is the other side? How could there be another side but the great, great strength of illusion.
As he says at the end, “It’s all been very interesting.”

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