Card of Cards

In the house of cards, what is “The” card?  Kevin Spacey.

Kevin is the shark that swims through the water, that causes the cuts, that creates the wake, that makes the waves, that teaches the young.  What element of Kevin Spacey is “The” element?  His vision.  First, he has a vision of what he wants.  Next he has a vision of how to get it.  The reason why he can seem so calm (except when the waif “ended it”) is that his strategy and his tactics are all lined up.  He knows exactly where every move ends.  He knows so well that he breaks out of character and speaks directly to camera.  Some of us, when we do something seeming good or wise or for good motive, trick ourselves.  We make ourselves think we are really pretty noble souls.  Frank Underhand never tricks himself.  He always is the master chess player.  He knows exactly what he is doing to get exactly what he wants:  a clear passage way to power.  Power means no one stands in the way.

Power means no one will be there.

Each person acts in self-interest.  Each person presents a different face to each other person.  No one is “whole.”  If it were not for God (“the camera”), Frank Underhand would have no one.  He can trust no one for no one can trust him.  The series could have been called “House of Mirrors.”

I am only on season 1, episode 9, but we’ll see if anyone cracks and changes.  Claire, who can see so clearly and who denied herself the baby that all women crave, just betrayed her husband in politics:  far more serious than betraying him in bed.  People need to betray one another in bed to maintain their political positions.  We shall see how this plays out.

Frank just uttered the phrase well known to those of us who have had and understood some serious sex:  “everything is about sex except sex; sex is about power.”

The important epi-fact in this mountain of duplicity is “Who lied?”  Of course you lie to the public; that’s a given.  But you cannot lie to the House of Cards — or they all fall down.  The Clintons learned this in 2008 in their bout with the Black Caucus when certain pols voted their hearts rather than the decks they’d been put in.  The whole House of Clinton fell.  It became a new deck and now we shall see how that plays out as well:  can they put together a new deck when some of their spots have been rubbed off?  Politics from the inside relies on pols actually following through on what they promise to one another they will follow through on.  Otherwise all chaos ensues.  God forbid we would have pols voting on their conscience, what they promised their constituencies, or what they hear from their constituencies as to what is wanted now.  Politics is not “What do I do now?”  it’s “What do I need to do to secure my place tomorrow.”  It is absolute denial of “the now.”

I shared a hotel room once in Georgetown with a gal I could tell had been through the DC Mill.  She’d moved out to Hollywood and was working with a team of us at Paramount.  We were seeking something from one of the political parties, so the head of the team felt he needed her as an insider to DC and I got her as a roommate.  She was not at all “my type” but rather attractive in a foreign sort of way.  She didn’t tell me actual stories because we could not connect that much despite a breakfast or two.  But she didn’t have to.  The stories just peeled off her like dust from a sunburned skin.  I got it telepathically.  I sensed she was driven out of DC having used all her “capital.”

Oh so blessed it is not to be in that rat race with all those hard buildings.

At the military academy, Francis lost himself the morning after the big drunk.  He threw away his prepared remarks.  We see that even in his CNN appearance about the alphabet, that “loss” was calculated to get everyone from Bill Maher to the rest of them to mock him on TV so that no one missed that (seeming) lost moment.   But at The Citadel, he was indeed a human being and not a politician.  Left brain, right brain – to no-brain.  Simple harmony.  They were naming a library after him and he was to give a speech.  But all he could say with his massive hangover was:  harmony.  Life is moments of harmony.  All the cacophony of fight and the silence after flight leave one possibility available:  harmony, which lasts but an instance of a breath.  At that moment, too, he said publicly that his wife was “the love of his life.”  Well, we’ll see about that.  A friend of mine already spilled the beans about the base level of trust in that relationship, and I just watched the episode where the true vote belied the “vote count.”  The house of cards of fight or flight is falling.

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