Not Everyone Loves Coke

Some prefer Pepsi. In high school. we shape our identity partly through our choice of and loyalty to brands.  It is one way we can express in family, which presents brands to us.  If my siblings [...]

Timbuktu 2014

A movie comes along.  This one did. Masterpiece.  Kurasawa.  Huge.  All the words blow away like the sand.  What God hath wrought.   What can we do now for the children? [...]

Card of Cards

In the house of cards, what is “The” card?  Kevin Spacey. Kevin is the shark that swims through the water, that causes the cuts, that creates the wake, that makes the waves, that [...]


The main takeaway – besides the pain in which so many live due to the pain inflicted by so many others – is that it is presumptuous to imagine that we can ask questions that would [...]


Sweet.  Who doesn’t like to see immigrants in Brooklyn in the 1920s breaking down the barriers between the ethnic groups via love and the painful yet necessary rejection of parochial [...]

The Danish Girl

I liked the paint color on the walls in the apartment in Denmark.  I liked the doorways and hallways.  I liked the paintings.  I liked the orange row houses in Copenhagen.  I liked the curve of [...]

13 Hours

At the moment when the men defied their superior’s order, I burst and I mean burst into tears.  For I don’t know how long – maybe 15, 20 minutes – I could not stop [...]

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