Inside Outside

Here’s the theory:  all the emotions are inside of you, guiding you and writing your story.  They do not really like each other much, but they have to get along.  For example, Joy does not [...]

Revenant re-venir

Good movie to see in the rain.  Go: you’ll see.  Time passes nicely even though it is over 2 hours long. Go, Leo. Oh, man!  Watch the moon as a clock:  give 7 days to a quarter, so it’s half and [...]

Spotlight on Spotlight

Do you suppose I really like to work out?  How could that be?  This week I am doing a pre-Oscar marathon:  mid-day movie then the gym then home.  Almost as soon as the curtain went up, I could [...]

The Big Short

It stands for Big Ripoff in this particular instance of selling short.  One wise guy could see from the numbers (the numbers no one looked at) that the housing market would collapse.   A few [...]

Million Dollar Baby

 Love me?  Kill me. This is the story of a girl wants to get love and has not been able to from her white trash family and a man wants to provide and has not been able to since his daughter long [...]

8 Mile

My White Ass Your black one.  Our red blood.  So many artists are screaming at us.  God is screaming.  Trees are yelling.  The sky has almost given up on us. The great artist eminem, who chose to [...]

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