Alcohol, oh alcohol

Alcohol, oh alcohol We humans bow to thee The spirits in the alcohol Help get us to be free. Karl Jung in his old wizardry Told us all so long ago That alcohol helps make us high And aids our [...]

All Grown Up

I love my new vacuum I love it so It cleans up high And down below. I thought that I did not care a bit About the grime, about the grit. But when I plugged it in and found It got stuff that was [...]

The Dance of Carla

behind the bar she dances the glasses are her mates at customers she glances— but briefly, to flame their waits. “a whisky please,” “white wine here”, “a beer”, “a cube,” “my check” behind the [...]

My sister’s girls

My sister’s girls They’re all there In Colorado’s Crispy air To laugh away the holiday To see what the Other ones will say And what they want And what they don’t And what they will And what they [...]