Jasmine Sonnet

Jasmine passes to the soul Direct, without a word. It opens up the part to whole An unasked question, heard. This year the jasmine is so bold It is here and over there. The rain, more rain, and [...]


I have had an Instant Pot for over two years–used it maybe a dozen times, maybe more. I avoided making yoghurt, but it has been on my mind for 6 months. Yesterday, I did it. It’s so [...]


In a group session, we were instructed to turn to a partner and to say what “ego” is.  I let my young partner go first and she struggled with how to define ego.  I said “No. Ego is who [...]


What is it about new:  new cup, new underwear, new coat, new kitten.  Why do we humans like new?  I guess it is simple:  it is a symbol for re-birth.  After a while all objects, including pets [...]

The Music that was Bruce

For those of you who knew Bruce Tabor – and for those not so fortunate – here is a little memory of him to post on this 18th anniversary of his passing:  tonight, 7PM.  If you did know him, be [...]

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