2017 be good

2017:  A note just to myself. Myself: an entity that lives inside this body, inside this mind. An essence that sometimes I reach. A certain something that that does not change, is inexplicable, [...]

Not Everyone Loves Coke

Some prefer Pepsi. In high school. we shape our identity partly through our choice of and loyalty to brands.  It is one way we can express in family, which presents brands to us.  If my siblings [...]

What is YOUR question?

So I’m reading Jeb McKenna’s second book.  Why am I reading Jeb?  Because I am also reading Moby Dick and pointing this out to my friends as if it makes me a serious reader of seriously good [...]

The MOON can be so hard to figure out – just like the emotions and reflections it symbolizes.  So maybe a little grammar can help.  Let’s look at the moon as a VERB, as a NOUN, and [...]

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