Spiritualism Salesmen

Tired of those who sell their brand of spiritual awakenings.  So many are of the sort who championed “The Secret” – buy this (one, last) video and you will be able to learn how [...]

The Trinity

I grew up as a Catholic, was expected to master the “Catechism” and never directed to read The Bible.  Then – like all the good hippies and intellectuals around me – [...]

How simple was that?

I was watching an Adyashanti YouTube and he was talking about this or that but he kept putting both hands up to his head to indicate the concentration of thought up there in the frontal lobe.  If [...]

Socializing Civility

The West has failed in its approach to radical Islamic terror.  We must have reached  over 100,000 dead or maimed or homeless when you include the Iraq war, the Syrian war, and all the terrorist [...]

Gems and Gestures

Upon return from the Tucson International Gem Show, it came time to make a post and yet I was devoid of crunchy ideas to discuss.  Then my friend in Malaysia directed me to her recent post about [...]

See the Stars

The NYT headlines that five planets will be “aligned” for the next month in our pre-dawn sky.  It is more accurate to say that the five will be in a visible spread for a month — [...]

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