Thinking vs. Doing

I think and think and think.  Today I will change and do, do, do.  After all, my thinking is about doing.  Doing is pointing my consciousness towards awareness.  Simply do that.  Thinking will [...]


Process.  Such a simple word, yet I was into my 30s before I thought about what it means.  Teri Talbert, the gal I called “my high rise witch” taught how to process – and it was [...]


Wendell would pull the concept of “adjustment” out when coaxing us to understand and embody great acting.  Ears would perk up.  Maybe an adjustment to adjustments would be our key to [...]


I call it sitting when I talk about it with others.  That’s what it is:  I have a designated chair (although now I find any chair will do).  I check my clothes, my collar, my pockets (must [...]


Full moon is passed and we are on our way to my moon then a new moon.  Time to re-calibrate.  And Whew is all I can say. Rough few days of meaning – or meaninglessness:  take your pick.  It [...]

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