Creativity or Necessity

Reading a great book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (MC) on creativity . . . broader and deeper than I anticipated. image image

I’d been waiting (yet not suffering) over when if ever my next writing project would “hit” and there it was.  MC has an interesting chapter on the 10 personal characteristics of “the creative” after he explicates how creativity occurs in context and is something to be recognized by peers.  The 10 characteristics are all paradoxes:  you have to be short, but tall, masculine, but feminine, solitary, but gregarious, scared, but brave.  This leads me to the fact (you think it is fact, too, yes?) that the creative can also be filled with negative self-judgment, yet confident.  It’s the flipping back and forth and forth and back that feels familiar:  being caught in one extreme then thrust out of it to the other.

My recent manuscript “Everything’s a Verb” was so easy to write because I first shaped an outline or, rather, a set of chapters.  I also had a title.  So can I do that again?

New title:  Floating on a Paradox


  1. one paradox or many
  2. judgement or certainty
  3. uniqueness based on universality
  4. rowing in ensemble:  theater vs. competitive sport
  5. reality:  center or the lure of quantum
  6. sex: the fundamental (masculine vs. feminine)
  7. luck or stamina
  8. American Beauty:  exquisite in the ordinary
  9. Synchronic vs. diachronic
  10. answer or question

There, now, self.  There’s your assignment.  Go to it.  Or walk the dog.

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