Day 14. Why?

In your life, if and when you look back at this isolation time, what did you gain and why did … (may I call God God?) … why did God do this to us? A week ago, someone on FB posted a song Tyler Perry started and had others join: “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” It brought me to tears and I spent an hour getting my version posted. It brought very close the individuality and the oneness of which we are composed. It is a heart opener.

God has the whole world in his hands. Whether created by bat or madman, this little bitty virus has us in a wake up position. For me, personally, the question is will I wake up? For all of us, collectively, the question is what is the tipping point of the individual answers? Will we as a world wake up? Are we that intelligent yet?

Now, we cannot wake up to the innocent John Lennon imaginary position; it was a nice song and dream, but it is not realistic. Social distancing means that there ARE units and units are to be respected and protected. The question is what are the best systems for units? System is bigger than units. Humans need both awareness and protection of units and a system for units.

And we need faith.

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