Effort to write – why?

Why write?  If writing is for others but if no others read it, why write?

As implied in the post called “Process” one writes for one’s self – to clear dust and cobwebs.

There is no point to making sense any more because sense has fled us.  First of all, most of our scientific approach to life has been to discover nouns, and there aren’t any.  Everything’s a verb.  We write as if in search of the perfect sentence to capture reality–and it cannot be done.  Everything changes.  Every thing or event can be and is seen from multiple directions, so the digestion of each item is unique for each digester.   Then we join hands and sing “Kumbaya” but each verse creates a dangerous mythology if taken at face value.  To be “one with each other” is a useful orientation and a noble action, but it is mythological.

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