A common meme is that it is expensive to eat well.  I do not believe it.  It is cheap to eat well.  You have to know how to shop, store, use, freeze, and transport.  This page will be devoted to these things:

  • principles I learned from my  first Yoga teacher & recipes I made up
  • kitchen habits
  • secrets of great dinner parties
  • great meals in 9 steps or under

Principles from Yoga teacher, Dean (of Florida):  balance.  When you add Yin, you then add Yang.  So let’s see this with Yummy Eggplant and Cheese.

  1. Dice up alot of garlic and sautee it in OOil.  Watch out it does not burn.  Use wide frying pan.
  2. Slice eggplant about 1/2″ thick and put as many in that frying pan as  you can.  Add more OOil:  not too much, but not too little ← this is the trick.
  3. Salt, so you have to add pepper.  Use cayenne.
  4. You’ve got the garlic, so you have to add basil (dried or fresh):  a lot of it
  5. Brown on both sides until you can just tell it’s done.
  6. In oven baking dishes put two or three down.  Add layer of cheese (use Jarlsberg or Jack).  scoop on loose garlic chips.
  7. another layer of eggplant…. a layer of cheese.  Stack 2-3-4 high – however many you have.
  8. Pop in oven 10 min to melt cheese.  At the end, you could broil ’em to get the cheese to sizzle.
  9. Serve on one big plate with brown rice and a salad.  You will make all vegetarians and even carnivores happy.

Kerk’s famous meatloaf

  1. get your butcher to mix regular (not “lean”) ground beef and ground pork:  2:1.  Let’s say you start w 3 pounds.  Drop into huge mixing bowl and add:
  2. 3 raw eggs
  3. ketchup – maybe 3/4 cup – and a whallop of mustard – A huge Tablespoon
  4. a lot of oregano – maybe 3T or even 4.    salt …. and the big secret:  oatmeal.  a cup or even more.
  5. stir it all up.  Have on hand a bunch of those little aluminum cake baking tins. fill them up and “build” the top so it is dome-like and even higher than the top of the tin; leave a little “moat” around the edges because grease will float up in in the baking
  6. Secret #2:  sprinkle poppy seeds liberally all over the top.  This will make it seem burned, but it will not be.
  7. Pop in oven for about 1 hour.  Freeze the other tins or give them away to your dinner guests.  One tin serves 3 people nicely.
  8. Serve this with mashed potatoes and gravy.  Mash your own or use Costco’s great, organic, Idaho potato packs.  Look for the HUGE box and always keep these great potatoes on hand.
  9. Your gravy will come from the powdered non-MSG brown gravy powder you had Amazon send to you.

Appetizer:  College meatballs

  1. same as above but cut back on the egg so the balls roll better – or add more oatmeal
  2. roll ’em small – smaller than a golf ball.  you want them to get done quickly
  3. It will take 2-3 frying pan-fulls, so have receptacle on hand to receive the friend ones
  4. in saucepan, mix a huge amount of ketchup with an almost as huge amount of Grape jelly.  heat it up and blend
  5. When all the balls are done, dump them in the college sauce
    This is some old Betty Crocker type recipe that pleased us in college and still pleases as an appetizer to this day


Kerk salad

  1. You must love your salad bowl.   Wood is best.  And wooden spoons.  There is something about the sound of these things that the greens will like.
  2. Romaine and maybe add some Kale
  3. chopped up anythings:  tomato, always good to have avocado, celery, carrot – any vegetable.  Secret is to love the knife you are chopping with so that you chop small
  4. Raisins or dried currents or dried blueberries from TJ.  Fresh diced fruit also works:  apples, strawberries, papaya
  5. Dress it:  this can be as simple as OOil and then Basalmic – your wrist will get to know the proportions.  About 2:1
  6. Toss
  7. AT THE END add nuts – any nuts.  or seeds.  My favorite is freshly sauteed raw sunflower seeds.  Just sautee in OOil and keep an eye on ’em.  They can burn if you turn around and get into a conversation.  Salt ’em before you remove ’em from the pan.  If you put them on after the dressing, they will sizzle.

Easy Appetizer to have guests murmuring with enjoyment

  1. Wash the brussel sprouts you got at TJ in the bag
  2. Take a large plastic Zip Lock and pour in some OOil, squish in some garlic with your Suzi garlic press, and toss in some sea salt and pepper.  Add the Brussel Sprouts and get them all covered with the mix
  3. Heat the oven
  4. Pour them out onto the baking dish and stick in oven for what might be up to an hour
  5. every 20 min or so, stir them around so they do not blacken on one side only
  6. For the last 10 min, sprinkle on some bread crumbs
  7. Serve them with toothpicks unless you have a dog
    PS:  you could do pretty much the same thing with Cauliflower bits


the simple principle:  balance

  • salt leads to pepper
  • sweet leads to sour
  • spicy leads to blending

you must be clear to cook.  you cannot be angry.  You must have on hand:

Tools (I assume good frying pan and sauce pans and wooden spoons)

  • Suzi garlic press
  • Kuhn Rikon vegetable peeler
  • Sharp knives (Henkel or Cuisinart’s new colorful – non-plastic – ones)
  • Rice cooker


  • Olive Oil
  • Basalmic Vinegar
  • Citrus juicer
  • Sunflower seeds (preferably raw)
  • Nuts in jars (here’s where Costco comes in)
  • Non MSG gravy powder (check Amazon)
  • California brown rice (it is ‘fat’ and short grained)
  • Organic chicken thighs from Costco in your freezer
  • Bottles of curry sauce (yellow and red) from TJ’s
  • TJ’s corn salsa in the jar (don’t think about hormones, just buy it)
  • Jars of dried raisons, cranberries, or blueberries
  • Fresh avocados
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Fresh basil

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