Gold and Silver

There is one substance on earth, you know
That will mix with no other thing
It is gold, solid gold, and it doth glow
So you want it for a wedding ring

For when I wed, I say to thee
that I will never mix
(Whether he’s a him or it’s a she)
with another for some quick fix.

Gold’s the purity that I see
When I look into your eyes
No other living soul, just you and me,
Are bound ‘til one of us dies.

And then, even then, do I suspect,
We hunters will invisible realms prospect.

Silver years bring silver tears
To women without men
For we like you, you silly dears
We remember having you when

We were young—not silver yet—
All beautiful and smooth.
We would coo and kiss and pet
Each other’s ragged edges we’d soothe.

But silver also brings with it
Wisdom, that’s for sure!
We like to learn our own kismet
And a little limp we can endure.

Youth’s wasted on the young, it’s said
Skip and play when silver’s on your head.

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