How simple was that?

I was watching an Adyashanti YouTube and he was talking about this or that but he kept putting both hands up to his head to indicate the concentration of thought up there in the frontal lobe.  If he didn’t have a cranium, his fingers would have gone in there and kneaded it like bread dough.  He gestured over and over again to indicate the activity of the mind.  This morning I awoke to my computer again and the YouTube tab had moved on to release the next Adyashanti in line.  I was interested mostly in his clothes – how he placed the browns on the beiges, but watching it took me back to his hand gestures – and I … there is no word.  I saw.  I felt.  I “got it.”  I “realized.”

It is so simple.  You go to the gym and get on a machine and you punch punch punch or kick kick kick or pull pull pull or push push push – and then you’re done.  Well, do that with your mental processing:  be done.  You release.  Let go.  It’s so easy.  In fact, we do it all the time, even us seeking types.  You have a realization, you have the “Ahhh!” then you “get on the machine” again and ask:  did I get it?  was that it?  and you are right back pushing, pulling, punching in the little frontal lobe all over again.

GET OFF THE MACHINE.  Don’t ask if “this is it.”  Just reside.  It’s a world with no walls, a frontal lobe with no work to do, a no-question with no-answer.  The fingers are out, not in, tap tap tapping.   Even “being” is too constricted a word for it.  “Is” is too limited for this “is-ness.”  We keep wanting to know that we know or know if we know, and we can only know.  No one can tell us that we do – or did – or will.  There are no prizes.

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