I found … I

I hear about Joe Rogan’s Tesla
I learn that Elon Musk has a new baby
And I have neither one
But recently I found God
And to remember this shows me how things work
Finding God means finding love
God loves me.  Me!
This came as such a shock that I could take the Tesla
I could take the baby
And give them back to Joe and Elon
Happily—happy for them
Glad they like what they got.
I have God.
Having God means I have God.
I don’t know about others
Each one’s “I” is deep inside.
It is a tiny, enormous place inside me
(Presumably inside you.)
It is all that needs to be filled.
I am not sure a Tesla can fit in there
Maybe a baby
I don’t know.
But I know God fits.
I am happy for all of us.
I can ride anywhere in my Honda
With God.
God fits exactly where my “I” is.

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