Isolation 1 Monday

This is my first week in self isolation. Saturday I went out to two stores and I failed to wear my mask or find an egg. W castigated me for the absence of mask. He’s been wearing his mask for over three weeks, but, then, he lives 2 miles from the epicenter up in Seattle. Henceforth except for walking Cookie in the neighborhood, I wear a mask. Tomorrow I start teaching classes remotely through Zoom. I have been in Zoom training for the three days since Friday, and I am looking forward to it. At first the school said anyone over 60 could go remote and I volunteered. Then they said everyone and no student is allowed in any building.

W is my mainstay during this time and even since late January. We have been talking about this almost daily and we caught the same cold, him first, in February in Tucson. My daily routines shifted from what they were before all this came down in January. Every morning for a month now I get up and first thing I watch the good doctor: Dr. John Campbell on YT with a half million others, watching together at different times (part of the break down of time/space going on).

I get up a little later now–more like 6AM–because I stay up a little later. More things need attention at night to local friends and friends on the other side of the world who are easier to chat with when I don’t go to bed at 9. I plan to call my 99 y.o. friend while on Cookie walks. I managed to put my expensive gym membership on hold with a note from my doctor, so I stopped going to the gym. This is a huge change because I went 4 days a week and did almost all my showering there. I plan to make up for it by more rigorous Cookie walks and some weights during the comforting binge watching that takes place now at various times of the day rather than just with dinner and after. Staying home all the time, sometimes I allow myself an episode during the afternoon.

I keep shoes at the door for taking Cookie out and the shoes come off when I return. I tip them upside down and keep them by the door. The virus, it is said, only lives on surfaces for 12 hours, so this requires 4 pairs of door shoes since Cookie goes out four times a day: pee, walk, walk, pee. Other shoes and slippers are for “around the house.” Yesterday I started a practice of wiping Cookie’s paws after the two walks. W suggested it and then I met my neighbors who do it for their LuLu, Cookie’s friend.

I missed my neighbors’ cars on Saturday and when they returned I texted to them welcoming them back. I was hoping they didn’t move to Texas or something since Dad can now work from home. They have little twins . Later yesterday Mom texted me that they are getting Farm Fresh delivered and gave me the link in case I wanted to jump on. I mistook the note for an offer to jump my weekly requests into their basket and then pay them for that. It turned out ok that way, and I promised to pay them in sprayed bills. It will be a new little connector between us. I offered to make fresh yoghurt in my Instant Pot each week and split it for the privilege of adding kale, avocado, eggs, and sour dough to their basket. It will be interesting to see the new associations that come from the isolation months.

Last night in my fourth remote Zoom training, I accidentally met a fellow teacher, a woman named Melissa. We hopped out to a private meeting to test something and it turned out we fit each other hand in glove. She tested whether she had the facility to screen share a presentation with me, but my quick eye also read some of her content and I commented. “I like your slide on values,” or something like that. She said that oh yes she didn’t like those realtivsts. “Oh my god,” I said, “Ae you a classicist?” “Well yes I guess I am,” she said. Then we just couldn’t stop. Our words flowed like bubbling brooks, not talking over one another, but so eager to share the good news. Turns out she teaches philosophy and teaches the kids values. She laughed in agreement that I dare to use the word God in my classes on World Religion. It was just a divine encounter and for it I am deeply grateful.

I am grateful for this opportunity to return to my fallow web site with new reason to communicate. I communicate with a range: In LA I have those who still poo poo this and wonder about what they call the “over reaction.” At the other extreme I know one prepper who istens to some of the wild conspiracy theories and relates them back. I have two a psychic who journey out to the beyond to get the other-worldly point of view on this situation. I also have a couple of friends in LA whom I see on line or call on phone to help them, late though it is, to get on the proactive bandwagon and face the curve and hunker down. Plus my darling niece who is so bright she sees the reality of reality but also remains staunchly optimistic.

I communicate, too, with God. Now that self isolation has set in, today being Day 1 of it. I had been going to stores and teaching on campus and 10 days ago I was at the gym for the last time. Next day I got my last haircut and color and the day before a final manicure pedicure. I will have more time for God. I will attend to the important thing: my soul. Ron and I spoke of that last week.

I’ll do a whole blog on eating, one on package deliveries, one on my refrigerator, one on meditation, many on soul. Wow – radio on for cooking breakfast. Restaurants closed in LA. I never went to restaurants anyway, but that is a strong good move. Deliveries only. The waiters will become delivery people.

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