It’s their party and we can cry if we want to

How peculiarly heart wrenching that both political parties are showing their colors to everyone this time around.  The Party picks the candidate, not the people.  If Bernie wins the vote, Hillary wins the delegates.  If Trump has the most delegates, the party might pick someone else anyway.  That’s the way “it works.”

What is even more peculiar is that these two political parties, the Dems and the GOP, are private groups.  They are not governmental agencies or public works or of the people.  They are private groups–like clubs.  They are like clubs all right.  Hillary learned this the hard way in 2008 when she won the votes in the two states of Florida and Michigan and the party met one fateful day in June and decided to give those votes to Obama because they wanted Obama as their candiate.

We shall see how this shakes out for each of these parties this summer – but at least the public is waking up to how things “work” and to the similarity between the two parties which, in public, duke it out.


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