My sister’s girls

My sister’s girls
They’re all there
In Colorado’s
Crispy air
To laugh away the holiday
To see what the
Other ones will say
And what they want
And what they don’t
And what they will
And what they won’t.Their children, too,
Are there with them
And hubbies, each of them a gem
The skis, the trees, the moon, the fun
A tribute to the Holy One
Who was born so long ago
To give rise to this Christmas glow
This glow that warms the whole wide world
This glow that down the centuries whirled
And became this night right now
Before The Force we all do bow.

Katy did and Katy do
Katy had the kiddies who
Now have their own and have their fun
And harbor dreams unique to one–
Yet universal, too, they are
Each one of us looks at some star
And wonders where in the universe we are
And why we’re here
And what we do
And if it matters to One who
Created it, this universe.

But wonder not or it will be missed
Just give your heart
To those you face
And the sacred connectedness
you grace.


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