OK, then. Let’s start the 8th grade

These Poems came from the Womb

On 9/9/2001, my niece was due with child.  9/9 is my very own birthday, so, I thought, the least I could do would be to channel some of the writing from down there in the warm, cozy womb.  Now he’s old enough to see how precocious and child-like a medium he was!

Each PoWomb is read and recorded by Yours Truly.  Click to the left of the .mp3 band – the “play” buttom may seem to be missing, but click there the the L.H. of the band, and they will play!


Day 11

This little chicken is beginning to say,
“I want a bigger egg today.
Bigger egg.  Bigger egg.”
He squawks and hollers,
‘n begins his rig-
a-ma-role for his way.

So, “Ok,” says the egg.
“I’ll get you a bigger.”
And the egg thinks a while for a way to ‘figger
How to get the little tyke
An egg more suited for toys and bike.

“I think I know!  I think I might!
Yes!  I know!  The world will be right
sized for this little one I’ve carried around.
Let’s get him the world — where his life can be found.”

The world, it turns
out to be true, is the egg the kid wants.
But hey, who knew?
That would mean the breaking off this here shield
this warm bag, this pouch, this den and brew —

“Ouch,” says the baby.
“Egad,” says the mom.
“Just because I said ‘I wanted,’
Didn’t mean I knew I’d be so daunted
by a world cracked open so that I could see
what in heaven’s mind has been created here for me!”

“And wow!  This Canyon
This Really Cute Dad!
And Mom!  You rode me here.
I’m glad you each other had!
And grannies, too.  Gran’ pops and more.
This egg’s not bad! It’s near the shore.”

Day 9

baby baby
me me me
want want want
and see see see
cry cry cry and
kick and scream
why oh my
take care of me.

I, I, I
be be be
why why why
and hee hee hee

then you’ll teach it
we’re here too
not only it
but whole world who
is also thinking

me me me
and i i i
me me me
and why why why

So the world
and baby too
they live together
that’s the clue

first it’s me
and then it’s you
astro houses
One and Two

Three is blending
One and Two
in other words
Three’s me plus you.

Great old ancient Astro Wheel –
Secrets will it unconceal—
Its spokes “do you” but first “do me”.
Then time will tell how babe “does three”

purple baby


Day 6

Gibledy goo and gibeldy goll
I want a finch and give me that towel
I want a big hug
And I want to let go
I fall asleep quickly
I can’t fly solo.

Hold me up
And let me burp
And don’t you call me
Your little twirp.
I’ll grab all the knowledge
That got me to here
God told me –
What was that?
How keep the right gear?
I want to go slow
I want it to last
I want all the things
He told me so fast.

He sent me to Mom
Her belly so warm—
You’re telling me soon
I’m to live in some dorm?
I can’t have a titty
I can’t wet my pants?
I have to wear woolens
And, egad, to dance?

Give me that towel
I’ll think about this
I’ll goo goo and ga ga
And calculate:  kiss!

I know you will kiss me!
I just know it, sure.
I’ll I do is sit up—
And smile big, wet, demure.

Day 4


4 days ‘til the peanut shell breaks they say
Thursday Friday Saturday Babyday
Wouldn’t it be funny if s/he came out to say
Oh, hi guys, that was a real weird way to play.

I liked it; I liked it fine.
And I thought, too, I could have some wine.
So I had to come out for it
Just for my own glass to get.

Inside I went everywhere.
I liked it when, as a pair,
You two’d go out somewhere
Like a restaurant or to a fair.

If it was a restaurant
I’d eat just what she’d want.
And sit there listening to see
What Daddy would say about me.

Sometimes he’d say somehow
“Do you feel the baby now?”
So many daddies ask the same
And they talk, too, about name.

Name him this or name her that.
Buy him dog or get her cat.
Soon they’ll say and know that I am me
That I want a giraffe and my name is Glee!

I love them; I love them so!
how much they will never know.
They know everything, you bet
Except how it’s me they get.

You two loved each other
You loved each other so nice
I said hmmm, gee, I wouldn’t mind
Seeing that twice.

So we all lined up
And I prayed real hard
That some day I could
Play in your yard.

When you two were almost done it seemed
Something happened, like, maybe I dreamed
And next I knew I had to shrink
So small to get inside—I couldn’t even blink!

Well anyway, four days more
Or three or two or one or two –
‘n then 4 years more, ‘n I’ll recite
All those numbers back to you!

Day 3

Life, oh Life
I come to you
Wife oh wife I come to you
Husband dear I come to you
Baby here has come with Clue.

Where does baby come from?
And where then do we go?
How can we this majesty
Hide from ourselves just so

We can get through normal days
walking as though in a haze
thinking that it’s normal here
when today with baby dear—

the miraculous – so near:
Vibrant, wild and sensuous
‘n hot and soft and meant for us.
It’s in radiance we live.
Anything for radiance we give
just to be here with God.

God be you
and God be baby.
God be me.
God ain’t no maybe

Day 13

Little baby Baby
Coming out to see
What the world will offer
How this life will be.
Will he be a singer?
Will she be a star?
Sure, to Mom and Daddy
They’ll buy him a car!
Sixteen years or later
They the car will buy …
So soon this baby Baby
To its life will fly.

Day 12

Will it wear pink?
Or will it wear blue?
Mom and Dad
Have no clue.

But when it stops bawling
And looks around to see
Two smiling faces
It will know who they will be:

Daddy eyes
Will be glistening proud.
Mommy eyes
Will be saying, “How’d
I do that?”

Baby knows, “Tee Hee.”
Love did it all;
It’s plain to see!

Day 10

During many moments
while the tummy grew
Mom thought she was one.
But she’s really two.

And now she knows for sure she’s two –
She’s just wond’ring more now who
The One will be
To make Dad and her three.

One week more, let’s say–
Give or take a day—

And the biggest peek-a-boo takes place
When baby Baby shows its face.Chase Face

Day 8

Well it’s coming -That’s for sure
Cuz this tummy can’t endure
To grow much bigger than it is right now
It’s gotta come out: And God knows how!

A girl a boy
A boy a girl
A blonde, brunette
Straight hair or curl
We’ll take it!
Give us
Baby dear.

We’re ready for
Its cry to hear.
We know we’ll see something that
Will sure be more than just a cat
Or P.J. who’s a wind-up dog.
This babe all attention’ll hog

But me?
No sweat.
I’ll be able
To see that all its needs are met.
I’ll walk around
I’ll light the light
I’ll see my feet
I’ll fight the fight
I’ll warm the bottle
Give it change
Sing it songs
Like ‘Home on the Range’

You know I think I really might
Topple over if I had to go
More than just a week or so

And then the 29 short years
before it overcomes its fears.
And all our joy
‘N all our glee
Will triple, quadruple–and
We’ll be free.
We’ll sit in chairs
and maybe see
it getting
it’s own PhD.

Day 7

Days now left – only seven
‘til a soul comes down from heaven
trailing memories so clear
of the God that makes everything here.

Let’s remember; let’s not forget
about the little boy who let
himself climb in to his brother’s crib
and say to brother (and I do not fib)
“Tell me about God;
I’m beginning to forget.”

Tell me; tell me; baby dear
before you are overcome by tear
and hunger, bedding, clothing, heat –
Can you recall being at God’s feet?
Can you tell us how hearts are free?
Can you help us remember just to be
connected with the all we are.
To look and know we are that star?

You’re now to grow and separate.
You’re soon to go through the school gate –
Gain independence, take care of yourself –
Put your training wheels on a shelf.

But we, the elders, we must re-learn
the more basic truth and illusions burn.
The truth more basic from above
is that there is nothing here at all but love.

So while the baby still can’t speak
listen carefully, listen meek.
Learn from him what there is to know
before you hasten to put him in the show.

Day 5

Flipty flopty flippdy floo
I don’t want to tie my shoe
I like messy.  I like dirt!
What did dirt ever hurt?

Messy gooey, icky poo.
I want it all to stick like glue.
I like crumbs, and I like messes.
Don’t see why you should comb my tresses.

I like to fart;
I like to burp;
If you had a heart,
I’d always slurp.

Slurping now
and slurping then—
But wait! oh wait!
Now, again

I want to be clean
I want to be nice
I want to be seen
— to be looked at twice.

So clean me up
And tidy ‘me face.
Then let’s all go out
The world to grace.

Oh, and thanks, Mom and Dad
For cleaning me up.
If I didn’t have to
I wouldn’t sup.

But when you wash my face
or my cheeks below
be gentle with me
I’m sensitive, you know.

A gentle stroke
Some sensual love
Not those wretched swipes
With a stiff, wet glove

Not those bruising,
Slashing, angry rubs –
Just the sweet wet whisper
Without any flubs.

And thanks again
I’ll be clean for a while
And when I get dirty …
I like your smile.


Now dads’ the guy: the superhero
The man with seed and keys
Seed to start the baby show and keys to go both fast and slow

Patiently he waits – real proud
Quiet, strong, and queasy
Wondering how wifey dear makes it seem so easy

Groan she will and writhe around
in purple, turning wild
Anointed with God’s potions
while she has this child

It’s just like love.  It is love.  Love.
It’s love of you and me
That made this miracle of birth start this family tree.

For dad it’s been a challenge.  Fun.
It was nice to watch it grow
in that stomach popping large
And now –to see this show?  Whooo!
This show of intimate and blue and pink and brown
and red as a truly living creature – ours!
Pokes out its little head
Now it’s your turn, daddy dear:  hold the little thing

Teach it stuff and love it clear
Til it gets it ring to be with mate and do this too
The miracle of life –this stuff that’s only known between a husband and a wife.

tripp and chase

Day 2

Two days more and babe will come
Then we’ll talk and walk and multiply
Chew gum – perhaps a blue guitar to strum
Well that’s after he grows up and stops sucking on his thumb.

No matter how old he gets
or tall or smart or rich.
Mom and dad and all their debts
will oft remember him at his teeniest tiniest
a wee small tyke was he
When he came sliding out of there crying to be free.

Oh miracle of miracles!
A woman’s womb’s the place to make a child
with daddy’s seed
and then God does the grace
To keep it there to make it grow to get its fingers ten
To know the very moment mom and baby both say:  When!

Day 1

Thar she blows
Thar she glows
Thar she shows that she has toes
Thar she sleeps all night
Thar she has no fright
Brought in by mommy dear
Without any undue fear.

This kid’s a lucky one:
Dad stayed cool;
Mom had fun.
Together they’re hip and smart
The sweet of sweet
The heart of heart

His golf game baby will improve
For she’ll set him on center groove.
Babe comes first despite her impact on the purse
Grooving on her helps the golf and golfing helps the groove
And baby’s worth the birdies prove.

Mom is so determined, sure, that babe will let her stay real pure,
babe will just watch
While mom stays strong and keeps on singing her own song.
While baby birdie hums along

One Year Later

So now the kid’s been around a while
You’ve gotten used to seeing him smile
–or have you?
Is that not what it’s for – that smile, you know, to see it more.

Is love not what you squeeze and thrill?
Is love not what you wish and will?
Is love not seeing that you’re nice
And looking once and looking twice—
And holding, molding, while caressing
Scolding  just to be impressing the tenderness of when it’s nice
When you want to look and see twice.

The peek-a-boo of love galore:
Look and touch and say you want more
Than anything to hold inside the glory of when I’m your bride

I see that baby gave me love
And gave us love divine
And now I look at thee and know what they meant by ‘mine is thine.’
There’s no difference:  two are one or three or four or more

What God hath given us in glory
Is making fast our family story.