Process.  Such a simple word, yet I was into my 30s before I thought about what it means.  Teri Talbert, the gal I called “my high rise witch” taught how to process – and it was … a process.  She was a commercial acting coach, but she saw evidence of trauma in our audition tapes and she got out her talons to extricate it from our souls.  At base was what she called “The Emotional Harmonic.”  I am not sure where she got this or if she created it, but I found something similar on a Scientology site, so she may have adapted it from those folks.  They must have something compelling or they would not be so popular.  Anyway, to root out a trauma, one must go to the base and work up the scales.  That is a process.

Process takes time.  Something happens to you or to your group or community.  You have an immediate reaction, but that is not the end of it.  If the event was traumatic, your attention for 24 hours is on it; it lessens as the days go on, but the process over arches the days.  You take in what all the others in your ken say and do and your reaction shifts.  You may sum up your reaction in a set of words after a few days – or years – and in the meantime other traumatic events occur and their processing begins.  All these threads weave into the fabric of your understanding of life.

There is no fully mental understanding.  We cannot know life.   Understanding merges into orientation:  a doing.  The matter is how we are poised in and to life, not whether we understand it.  We cannot understand it.  Alan Watts, in “The Wisdom of Insecurity” offered two wise men on this.  St. John of the Cross said, “One of the greatest favors bestowed on the soul transiently in this life is to enable it to see so distinctly and to feel so profoundly that it cannot comprehend God at all.  These souls are herein somewhat like the saints in heaven, where they who know him most perfectly perceive most clearly that he is infinitely incomprehensible.”   Eddington, the physicist, said, “Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.”

So, events happen, and we have an immediate reaction.  Then we may or may not be conscious and dedicated to processing them.  Then more happens, and more.  We are wise to find ways to remember that we are all wet, it the surf.

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