Pronking: Trump Creative (TC)

Like it, love it, hate it, or disbelieve it, we share a President-Elect Trump. So let’s get creative.  There can be a new “office” in the new administration:  Trump Creative (TC). How do we begin?

400k-2Let’s begin with salary.  Trump says he will not take the POTUS $400,000 salary.  Let’s INVEST it.   Someone who knows about investment will step to the plate. As we invest, we create very clear and fun presentations to teach kids about investment.  I can do that part. We watch, we celebrate, we re-invest – and we keep on teaching.   Some stock broker firm will step to the plate with a creative way to lure kids’ $20, $100 into a Trump salary pool.  At the end of the year, we look at our profits and divide up the profits among several kids.  At the end of four years, we select kids who will each get $33,000 for participating in creative democracy.  There will be at least 50, since 400,000 divided by 12 yields 400,000 X 4 years.   That’s one kid in each state!

But we will see those 4 400Ks grow or else get Mr. Trump to “see” the losses.  He’ll do it.

Pronk!  So what is Pronking, you ask?

  • If you like the new administration:  get creative
  • If you don’t like the new administration:  get creative

PRONK!  Pronk.  Comment, participate, join!  Maybe every overly-wealthy person Trump appoints can throw in 10, 20, 50K to the fund.  After all, we need to drain the swamp.  The way to go with this very unexpected election result is to GET CREATIVE.

Next pronk posts:

  • Knitting Parties.  Get people together to talk rather than to accuse.  Teach each other.
  • Kid advisers to every cabinet post.  If Cabinet post is held by a man, kid advisor will be a girl – and the reverse.  Cabinet post will at least listen to and respond to kid advisor on key points.
  • Keep on teaching, teaching, growing, listening.


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