Psych and Film E. Erickson notes

Residual Freud Hitler’s Alleged Micro-Penis

Erickson notes from book        erickson-week-4-ppt

Nancy Chodorow and gender and the combination chart

Identity crisis

  • exercise draw a chart
  • label each dichotomy V N or B
  • label outcome:  1.  id achievement 2. moratorium  3. foreclosure  4. diffusion

QUESTION:  Does this generation have a historic event that defines your identity?  WWII, Hippies, 9/11, vs.  90s which gave nothing; turned to “consumers”

MLA RULES for this paper


exercise next week (Wk 5)

  • why are you making film:  ojbectives
  • why are you making THIS film:  objective
  • What is your premise (natural law)
  • What is your title

Birth Order


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