Psych Film Due 11/15

  •  individually – your “character worksheet” DOWNLOAD HERE:  character-worksheet-for-week-6
  • your group presentation for “Journey of the Hero”  for ideas on 5 films

    Field of Dreams
    Straight Outa Compton
    Spartacus (dir Kubrick)
    Gran Torino
    Ben Hur (1950s one w Heston)
    Shane (Classic Western w Alan Ladd, dir Geo Stevens)
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    FEMALE:  Winter’s Bone (Jeffifer Lawrence 1st movie)
    FEMALE:  Girl, Unforgiven
    FEMALE:  Alien
    FeMALE:  Kill Bill series (have to get to the end)
    FEMALE:  Contact
    FEMALE:  Blue is the Warmest Color
    Jacks (FFlow type of function) collect ideas, votes, & final choice of movie.  
    Be responsible for the "inner journey" section
    Queens (IFlow type of function): get input from each and all, write up the chart


Kings: (FCon type of function):  Lead internal discussion of “stages” 
via group meeting or email


ACEs: (Icon type of function) Lead in class discussion, 
bringing in Jack, Queen, King, and Spade
  • are you watching films for your Body Language assignment:  coming up!

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