Psych Film Makers: Body Language

at the end of the quarter, you have a paper and a preshrugsentation.  Meantime, start looking at films for your “body part” so you won’t be caught without examples. For “extra credit” when you see significant body language in any film, bring in a clip or an enactment and discuss it together with one of the experts on that body part.

READING:  Your chapter will be obvious when you read it. Read your whole chapter.  Written report is on/can use the whole chapter.  But for presentation, your group may decide to divide up the chapter – then we won’t hear the same things twice.

Here are your assignments for Autumn 2016:

  • Feet & Legs:  
    Cherry, Amber, Hiroki, Jourdain    WEEK 8
  • Torso:
    Runjie, Kendra, Savannah                WEEK 8
  • Arms:
    Roque, Jian, Hin                                 WEEK 9
  • Hands & Fingers:  
    Beatriz, Zesheng, Rachel                   WEEK 9
  • Face:  
    Amanda, Dina, Ana                            WEEK 9

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