Publisher or Self Publish

I met a man at a cocktail party whose manuscript is with his publisher.

I said, “Oh.  I’ve gotcocktail cards a manuscript too, but no publisher.  I might self-publish.”

He didn’t throw right up, but he did have to hold it back.  Self-publishing is so beneath consideration for this man.  Almost despicable.  Certainly not something you would mention at a cocktail party.

It split me right down the middle.  Half of me could not care less; this is what I am doing.  The other half cared a lot; his life ought to be my life.

I explained that I did not know how to get a publisher.  He said, “Oh, it’s easy.”

“It is?”  I said.

“Yes, you just figure out who publishes the type of books you write and write to them.”

What if no one writes the books I write.

And, so, this website.

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  • sorenkerk

    I mean no one writes the books I write, which is how it is stated. By which I mean to say that I write until I am done and then I stop. So they are short. Publishers like longer. Also it is not easy-to-categorize writing: it is non-fiction, but creative.

    So no one “knows what to do with it.”

    LOL I have had the same issue with myself. No one knows what to do with me. Good thing I have a dog. She takes me as I am.

  • Carla

    I think it’s no writes the books you write.

  • sorenkerk

    Did you mean no one writes the books you write or no one reads the books you write?

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