Full moon is passed and we are on our way to my moon then a new moon.  Time to re-calibrate.  And Whew is all I can say.

Rough few days of meaning – or meaninglessness:  take your pick.  It involved several dimensions:

  • working with Word Press on a new website
  • forgetting if I was a designer or a writer
  • mixing with a married couple and feeling single
  • daring to talk about trust in non-duality vs. strange pickings at people with “sities” (powers)
  • having a hangover when I walked through realities like gauze curtains
  • feeling rich and feeling poor
  • having no hope and being filled with expectation and bubbles of possibility
  • sitting meditation and letting myself be run my thought carousels rather than remembering to make love with God

These are the teeter totters I have been on!

But as life so often has it, my missteps led to “Eureka.”  Now I know what my website will look like.  I have the landing page in my mind.  It is minimalist.  I have a new resume template in my mind.  It is visual.  I have a new graphic in my mind.  It is a challenge, but I will meet it.

This is not something that will get done in 5 days.  But it will be beautiful.

  • sorenkerk

    oh I remember those days before a Landing Page. So this has been a month!

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