Recruitment to a Cause

There are four forces the result in four responses.  The responses are:

  1. attraction to the “right wing”
  2. attraction to the “left wing”
  3. recruitment to extremist groups
  4. complicity with the Divine

Most people will find that one or two out of the four above to be attractive and permissible.  Let’s try to discover the sources so that we are better able to navigate our own course.

The environment for these four responses are the two forms of two forces:  Change and The Unknown.  Change is constant; some of it is repetitive and some is new and unexpected.  The Unknown is constant; it can either be truly unknown or it can turn into a belief about the unknown, which is a form of “knowing” (or seeming to know).  Graphed, it looks like this:

chart of response

Will is a reaction to change.  It can take two forms.  First, there is the decision to act on one’s own to hold onto all that one holds dear.  This can be the starting of a war, the starting of a business, the starting of a personal fitness campaign, the starting of any group or organization.  Second there is the joining into an existing organization that has formed to “handle” or face change or circumstance.  These are true believers who act upon their “true beliefs.”  This is the joining of a cult, a revolutionary group, or any group which, when one joins, gives an identity and may requires some behavior to show the world that one is donating one’s body to “the cause.”  These are “1” and “3” above.

Less active are the “feelers”, represented by “2” above.  These are true believers in some form of “knowing” in response to the great unknown.  Their action proves to themselves that they are good, they are part of the solution, not the problem.  In fact, they might well consider those in “1” or even “3” to be the problem, though they may well have more sympathy for those in “3” than for those in “1”.  These are the folks who would identify with being politically “liberal”.  They hope for change; they even hope they can change nature, whether human nature or the weather.  They feel good about feeling this way – although the feeling is not fully comfortable since they live in an environment of change and people (the “1s”) who oppose them.

Then there are the saints.  They live in cell “4”.  They recognize with every cell of their body that the human lives in the unknown, the constantly changing, the sea of reality without meaning which has many many meanings attached to it.  These people come from the heart, not the mind, for the mind either attaches to a new goal (the “1s”) or connects to a group (the “3s”) or believes it is right (the “2s).  These people hold onto nothing but the present moment.  There is no permanence except impermanence.  There is not moral righteousness though there is absolute adherence to the truth of the moment.  There is only the inside, the inner compass pointing to action required of one’s self in the moment; there is no judgment of the other.  There is love, for it is truth.  Action comes with no attachment to the consequences.  The cause is divine.

Which side are you on?  The side that recognizes the unknown cannot be known?  The side that knows that change is all there is?  Or the side that counteracts change with will or joining, the side that thinks it knows.


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