Revenant re-venir

Good movie to see in the rain.  Go: you’ll see.  Time passes nicely even though it is over 2 hours long. Go, Leo. Oh, man!  Watch the moon as a clock:  give 7 days to a quarter, so it’s half and waning down to crescent; that’s a week.  Then back up to Wax half, another week.  Full, etc.  Expect it to be over the top–not the moon, the movie.  Just let it be.

How many stars?  How about all the stars in the sky.

What does revenant mean?  1. a person who returns.   2.  a person who returns as a spirit after death; ghost.  1820-30; < French:ghost, noun use of present participle of revenir toreturn, equivalent to re- re- + ven (ir) to come (< Latin venīre) + -ant -ant 

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