TC: Knitting parties – talking with and listening to The Other

Have you ever witnessed a family or a couple coming back together after a standoff?  It always occurs with communication.  Communication is a two-way street.

For months and months there has been no communication between sides.  For some of us there is no or very little communication across the races – not among people I know, where there is a great deal of communication among the races in this wonderful city called Los Angeles, but for some.  It is time to mix and match!  Get people together.  Have nice food and drink in a warm environment.  Agree to talk respectfully about specific topics.  Dare to approach fears and hatred.  Have computers near by so that facts can be verified and ideologies of hate and fear can be evaporated.  knitting

Things are changing so rapidly at this time.  Trump will adjust his campaign bombast, so avoid calling him a “flip flopper” in order to hold on to hate.

Note the interesting Van Jones-Trump-Van Jones moment these 72 hours since election.  Van Jones called the win a Whitelash and called for Trump to unify all America.  Trump then had his 3AM acceptance speech and right off the bat called for unity, mentioned first the racial divide and then the religious divide.  Van Jones then went back on CNN and said that Trump has been “fantastic” since winning.  Can we go with that?  Or do we need to hang on to our Trump-is-Hitler ideas?  I heard from a Hillary supporter who condemned Trump for not flying the media on his jet down to Washington DC.  Where is it written in law that Trump has to fly the media with him?   Huff Post was promulgating this hatred.  And where is it written ANYWHERE that it was Trump who denied the American public a lovely picture of himself and Melania with Obama and Michelle?  Something happened – we do not know what – and the American public was robbed of that photo.  Instead some people display the taste to post pictures of the First-Lady Elect in the nude.  Why?  What is the purpose of that?

Time to knit, people!  So – my first Knitting party is scheduled for Friday December 2.  I want both “sides.”  I want to listen and warm hearts and observe hearts be warmed.  I want to share with others their moments of knitting.  People do need to express their differences and their fears, yes – and then come together.  There is no better TV series that I can think of than Netflix “30 Degrees in February” to see people, families, and the best of two countries come together.  I just watched the 2 seasons:  it breaks and heals broken hearts.   So beautiful.


  • sorenkerk

    I see certain news pundits building a wall of hate. Will their contributions to this wall allow them more easily to fall asleep at night?

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