Teaching art

burning heartYou can teach rules of structure, but you cannot teach the pilot light.  The pilot light is in each being.  The teacher can BE a pilot light and that light can illuminate the dispensing of the structure and the rules.  Like a lit kindle on a pile of kindling wood, it might ignite adjacent twigs.  Ignited, the new twigs are likely to burn up soon unless they learn some rules.  If they learn some rules of structure, they might be able to create wisps of art.  With practice they may create an edifice, a furnace wherein other hearts can burn with the force God gave them.

Friedrich Engels put it: “Freedom is the recognition of necessity.”

It is tricky being a teacher.  First you need to learn to organize and manage the classroom.  Next you need to know a subject.  And finally you need some good students – at least a few to set the tone for interaction.  To handle all these things, you need to deal with your own maturation and handling of the “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” belief.  If it cripples you, good luck.  As a teacher matures, she learns more and more about being human and about the subject to be taught.  The age gap between her and the students grows.  As one learns more, one might aim the discourse over the heads of the students or to the brightest among the bunch.  One might even aim the discourse at one’s self.

As with love, luck enters the picture.  Early on – from the first moments on – the teacher must be the beneficiary of and grab hold of the nuggets of ambient synchronicity provided by fate to make or break a semester.  Just as if watching a movie, the viewer might settle in or change the channel depending upon such nuggets.  Once lost, an audience cannot be regained.  Synchronistic moments must, paradoxically, be planned.  Classroom organization requires some intentional and skilled delivery of “Aha” moments.  Having a closing line, exercise, story, or image and knowing you have it ready can help enormously in maintaining the structure of the story of that day in the classroom.  Knowing you reached inside the souls of one or two can keep you going for the next week.

Here it comes:  Winter 2016.

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