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  • John Savlove

    I’ve returned to the Ulla AIIU poems and taken in other parts of your site as well. Profound to me, because your voice sings the solid teaching found in the writing. It’s a privilege to discover you.

  • Roy Reynolds

    Dear Soren Kerk,

    First off, I love your name (or pen name). That was partly what drew me into your site. But I found you because I was conducting an Internet search on the question “Trinity or Quaternity?” Then I read your clever vocational journey piece! I laughed out loud when I read the “Telegraph Avenue” quip. I had to share it with my wife, Jean, who also chuckled. (I was a seminary student at Starr King School in the late 1980s.) Anyway, I just want to send you this note of gratitude for you being you so openly and delightfully spirited and “tongue-in-cheek” and… I am bookmarking your site because I want to return at times to read and feel your spirit. Gratefully, Roy Reynolds (Atlanta, GA)

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