The Big Short

big shortIt stands for Big Ripoff in this particular instance of selling short.  One wise guy could see from the numbers (the numbers no one looked at) that the housing market would collapse.   A few littler gambler guys caught wind of it and hopped on board for a pay-out ’til rationality all came tumbling down.  True corruption was the deus ex machina.   Important people did not lose their shirts or their lives, because government bailed them out.  Many people were named in this Hollywood whirlwind of loud music, tough guys, gamblers, naked babes, and ties, but in this movie version of reality one name was missing:  Bill Clinton. Time Magazine started out its list with the name of Bill Clinton:  then 24 more of the 25 people “blameworthy” for the meltdown.  But let’s be nice and keep that under our hats, yes?

So did the movie provide the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?  “Truth is like poetry, and everyone in Washington DC hates poetry.”  (This was said to have been overheard in Washington DC.)  Hollywood and DC run on the same fuel:  money, babes, and lunch – and cute lines.   It was a very cute line, that “Truth is like poetry” one – unless you fell for a sub-prime mortgage or lost a job in the ponzi scheme.

The movie is good if you want to realize why you do not live in Manhattan or hang out in Vegas or if you wish you’d married a Senator.  It is more like a hip economics and politics lesson than a movie – but that’s ok.  It’s fine.  However, it means you can wait to see it on the small screen in your living room unless you are on a marathon to watch all the Oscar contenders.  One way or the other, do see it.  I give it 5 billion stars.  Actors were amazing.

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