The Dance of Carla

behind the bar she dances
the glasses are her mates
at customers she glances—
but briefly, to flame their waits.

“a whisky please,” “white wine here”,
“a beer”, “a cube,” “my check”
behind the bar she dances
for money and for what the heck.

she reaches, stoops down, she whirls;
she bends, steps back, then there,
then here, then back there, and then twirling
in a costume that is a dare.

It’s a workout for her—and a fine one
who needs the gym on this day?
or a dance floor with a partner
when the bottles provide the way.

She’s a model of health and of beauty
She’s divine, this fitness queen.
To feminism she does the duty
of defrocking it without being mean

She giggles and tells you some truth
(She will whisper it in your ear)
then be gone in a flash to bring
that customer over there a beer.

She does it with a flamboyance
You will dare not tell her a lie
Untruth to her is an annoyance!
Presumptuousness will die!

From Philly she comes and will tell ‘ya
be straight up and honest and true
Show some flesh, show some flash, and some sense
and appreciate the red, white, and blue.

work it out, go to bed, be on time
read the news, hang with crews, and be kind
have a laugh and make it all speedy
we ain’t got time for the bullshit that blinds.Carla inside


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