The Future of the Ancient World

First there was the word, and then there was light

Jeremy Naydler points out in his introduction that this is a book of essays. Alas, I felt; he’s just another author who wants to make hay out of every little thought or lecture he’d had for the past 15 years. Joyously, after only the first three pages of the first chapter I knew that my underlining pencil would best rest and simply underline the entire book. It promises to be as unique and enormous as are his first two books. This one is well worth obtaining for the enormous insight carefully delivered to us in chapter one. I have long said to whomever will listen to me about sound vs. vision, “First there was the word and then there was light.” Now I know what lies beyond and under that revelation.
Thank Jeremy Naydler once again for opening our entire beings to the potential of aliveness. It is wonderful to encounter the same wisdom one acquires from spiritual readings in books that also make history come alive and that show us the narrow path we walk with our presumed superiority. If you have not yet read his first two books, read them and then you get this dessert. Yum. I know it will make August simmer with delight and understanding, standing under. And no, I don’t work for him :). I am just a fan, hopefully fanning his offerings out to other beings like you.

first published in Amazon August 5, 2009

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