The main takeaway – besides the pain in which so many live due to the pain inflicted by so many others – is that it is presumptuous to imagine that we can ask questions that would help us understand how another sees the world.  The scene with the news vultures who made up the mother so that she did not look like what she looked like was full of questions that were the wrong questions.  How can we presume to understand another?  How do we even really kRoom medianow what is outside of us?

These are the questions “Room” presents.  Otherwise, one must see it just as a horrid tale of kidnapping, imprisonment, and brutality.

It was cute the way Jack called the room “Room.”  It was a killer that he missed Room.  It was nicely acted the way mother mouthed “Bye Room.”

Because there was horror, horror crept in to the world even when the main characters got out.  This was effective.  I kept waiting for the captor to pop up in the yard, in a window, under the bed.  The horror, when horrid enough, does not go away.  It isolates with us and sleeps in our bed.

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