Trinity – or Quaternity?

Psychology: the study of how minds work from three angles.  1.) how minds process information, make decisions, store memories, invoke emotion, and manage all this in the two “sides” of the brain 2.) how mental systems get established as less than optimal, with neurosis being a little off center and psychosis being way off center, and practices designed to get them back to center and 3.) how mental systems can exist to the other side of center, in the positive, with the psychology of happiness or “the wave” approach.

Philosophy:  the study of how minds could work or can work.  While Psychology requires data, Philosophy requires Philosophers, thinking.  It as if Philosophers act as though they were hired by God or man to figure out the capacities of rationality and other mental capacities that abide alongside reason and their ability to detect what the reasonable mind calls reality.

Spirituality:  the distinct appreciation that lives outside reason that hears calls from realms beyond which, at times, we sense out there.  These realms cannot be measured, weighed, counted, proven, or disproved.  They make themselves felt only to the spiritual sense which is a sixth sense and it exists without a council.  No one can tell you what it is and no one needs to, for you know what it is.  Every being alive knows that it is part of something bigger – and this sense or appreciation is spirituality–a way either to or from the spirit.

Art:  the composition of color, note, harmony, material, story, word, or movement juxtaposed to hold, beckon, invite, or suggest spirit.